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An extremely flexible and fully reliable supply service allows Intervolventi to respond to the most complex needs of the clients, spread in various industries.

The ability to get in touch with the clients and to deepen the customer’s needs allows the Intervolventi team to better exploit the solid technical “know how” and to guarantee excellence in the sales and supply process. 

A wide range of products covers a broad variety of applications, meeting the needs of different merchandise sectors.

Moreover, the ability to makes customized bearings represents an additional distinctive element in the supplies, whether they are based on the customer’s technical designs or on the ad hoc customizations made by the Technical Assistance Service.



Farm tractor OEM (all kinds)
Farm machinery, -implements, -attachments OEM
Forestry machinery OEM
Farm tractor & machinery OEM spare parts organization


Postal equipment OEM
Crane, hoist, lifting device OEM
Elevator, escalator OEM
Light conveyor OEM
Trolley wheel OEM
Sport, recreational product OEM
Material handling OEM n.e.c.

Food and Beverage

Meat, fish, vegetable processing machinery OEM
Bakery machinery OEM
Other food&beverage machinery OEM n.e.c.

Machine Tool

Wood-working machine tool OEM
Specialist MT Spindle OEM
Other machine tool OEM n.e.c.
Laser, water & spark erosion machining OEM
Metal-cutting machine tool OEM


Plastic injection molding machinery OEM
Industrial electric actuator OEM
Industrial robot OEM
Other industrial automation OEM n.e.c.


Road-building vehicles, pavers, road-rollers OEM
Construction & earth-moving machinery OEM
Construction vehicle attachment OEM
Off-highway vehicle subsystems (axles, gears, engines, steering) OEM
Off-road transp. vehicles

Fluid Power

Gas compressor OEM
Industrial blower, cooling & ventilation machinery OEM
Air, vacuum & liquid pump OEM
Hydraulic pump and motor OEM
Non-electrical power tool OEM

Fork lift

Fork lift OEM
Mobile crane OEM

Industrial Electrical

Industrial electric motor OEM
Other industrial electric machinery, apparatus OEM

Industrial Gearboxes

Modular, parallel shaft, bevel gear series gearbox
Mobile planetary drivers
Multi-purpose catalogue worm and co-axial gear-uni
Customized gearbox OEM


Marine auxiliary machinery OEM
Shipyards (building & repair)


Healthcare mobility equipm. OEM (wheelchairs, etc)
Medical apparatus (X-ray, MRI, IV pump, ultrasonic, etc) OEM


Steel & aluminium making machinery OEM, full program
Metal forming incl pressing machine OEM
Steel & aluminium making machinery OEM, specialized


Mineral processing & handling machinery OEM
Under-ground mining machinery OEM

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas field drilling machinery OEM


Other printing (digital, flexographic, letterpress, etc) machine OEM
Other printing machinery OEM n.e.c.

Pulp and Paper

Paper making (incl pulp, board) machinery OEM


Wind turbine OEM
Other (solar, wave, tidal) power generation OEM


Textile fibre machinery OEM
Yarn production machinery OEM
Fabric production machinery OEM
Textile finishing machinery OEM
Other textile machinery OEM n.e.c.
Commercial laundry machinery OEM

Other Industry

Other industrial machinery OEM n.e.c.
Other specialized machinery OEM n.e.c.
Construction engineering consultants (belongs to Heavy Mach. Group)
Scientific, R&D & testing consultancy
Chemical plant machinery OEM
Plastic thermo-forming & blow molding OEM
Rubber machinery OEM
Leather machinery OEM


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